Friday, June 20, 2014

Military Academy Liaison Officer (MALO) Openings

Greetings from West Point:
I want to share with you an opportunity to continue to serve by working with the United States Military Academy Admissions Office as a Military Academy Liaison Officer (MALO).
MALOs are Active Duty and Reserve Officers who represent West Point in their community. MALOs come from a diverse population, representing all branches, ranks and sources of commission.  Additionally, reserve MALOs earn retirement points for their time and efforts on behalf of Admissions. All MALOs share a professional work ethic and a passion for assisting our young people make an informed decision that is best for them and best for our Army.
As the Director of Admissions, I am responsible for not only identifying quality applicants, but also ensuring that all candidates, regardless of location, military affiliation, or socioeconomic status, have access to information concerning the United States Military Academy (USMA) and Army ROTC.  I cannot do this alone. I need your help to get the word out about the college and career opportunities offered by the Army.
If you are interested in continuing to serve our Nation, contribute to the quality of the future Army Officer Corps, I ask you to consider serving as a MALO, join our MALO force, and begin making a difference in the lives and futures of the young men and women in your community.
Should you have any questions or want further information about our MALO program, please contact the West Point Reserve Affairs Office (reserveaffairs.admissions@usma.edu). Go Army!

                                                            Deborah McDonald
                                                            Colonel, U.S. Army
                                                            Director of Admissions


• Established in 1970
• Purpose: Use Army Reserve Officers as community-based outreach for USMA and ROTC ascensions
ü Encourage candidates to apply to West Point
ü Mentor candidates throughout the admissions and nomination processes
ü Work in partnership with assigned Regional Admissions Commanders
ü Support and augment Regional Diversity Outreach Officers
ü Develop informational network among guidance counselors and school administrators throughout assigned district(s)
• The IRR has up to 414 authorized positions for officers in ranks of O-2 thru O-6
ü No limit on TPU, IMA, or Mil-Tech officers
• Assignments made by congressional district, MALO must live in the assigned district
• Up through 2006 Admissions had over 400 MALOs assigned throughout the Nation
• Since 2006 the number of MALOs has decreased to 28 total active MALOs nationwide

Benefits to Reservists Participating in the MALO Program
• Reserve Affairs Officer position established within Admissions to manage the MALO Program
ü Supports the individual needs of MALOs throughout all reserve affiliations
ü Coordinates ascension of applicants from application through the review and approval process
ü Coordinates IRR/MALO attachment through HRC
• MALO opportunities available throughout all reserve affiliations
ü All MALOs receive initial training (onsite or distance learning)
ü All MALOs, regardless of affiliation, earn reserve points towards retirement
ü 404 positions available with attachment to Admissions
ü Unlimited TPU, IMA, Mil-Tech positions available for “points only”

• Belief in the West Point Mission
• Desire to support candidates, and Directorate of Admissions in identifying tomorrow’s leaders today.
• Willingness and ability to work within a team environment
• Willingness to represent the Directorate of Admissions at select public/private schools, college fairs, Congressional Service Academy Days, Admissions Information Meetings
• Willingness to facilitate and complete interviews with local competitive candidates

 Interested individuals should contact the Directorate of Admissions at West Point