Thursday, December 4, 2014

Need a Champion for Ethic/Leadership Training

The West Point Society of Denver (WPSD) board is considering the implementation of a series of classes/seminars designed for high school student leaders.  The classes will generally address Ethics and/or Leadership.

We are looking for a person (or persons) to take the lead for the Society

The Washington D.C. Society has conducted a series of Ethics & Leadership for students for a number of years. They have developed lesson plans & materials to support that effort. They have offered to help other Societies start an offshoot program.  One of our Board members (Joel Martin, '01) has been on a number of developmental calls for this effort. He either has or can obtain copies of the lessons & materials.

The WPSD is considering offering either one (most likely scenario) or two sessions for local high schools in 2015.  The training will last either one of two days. Tuition for students will be free, Locations to be determined.

Action Desired:
We're looking for one or a few members of the Society to be the champions of this program for Denver - From creation, through funding and execution.

While the Board will be there to assist you, you'll be the one making it happen!

If you have the desire to either take the lead or form a part of the lead group for this important position, please contact either me, the President (Bob Walcott) or Joel Martin.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Dave Jackson