Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Forgotted Founder?

Victor Madeja, USMA ‘70 Reminds us (and offers....)
This is about founders who might be forgotten, in case you wish to remind others.

The obvious physical founder was Thaddeus Kosciuszko. He returned to Poland to help defend the world’s second written Constitution. After the country was occupied, he “declared independence” from Prussian and Russian occupation to again fight for freedom. He repeatedly urged his friend Thomas Jefferson to create a professional military school. Both men were also friends of Thomas Paine, who was instrumental in building the foundation for this country’s independence, without which there would have been no need for a military academy. There is more information about relevant Polish history on the "Newsletter" page of my website (www.valorww2.com) and the Home Page has enough to make you an expert on Thomas Paine (corrections on either are always welcome).

Why now? In January, I was voted director of the Thomas Paine Friends organization (see http://www.thomaspainefriends.org/) and in the next year I hope to add a few good ones.

Founders Day best wishes,
Victor Madeja
USMA ‘70+

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